Jennifer Vidler. A 30 year record of leading for Mesquite families.


Focus on a higher quality of life.

Jennifer’s vision for Mesquite is exactly what families need – that’s making sure every neighborhood in every part of our city can thrive and prosper. As our Councilwoman, she will focus on improving our roads so we can more easily get to work or our doctors, strengthen our police and fire services, and use her valuable business experience to attract new jobs and economic growth.

A plan to improve ethics at City Hall.

Mesquite is one of the few large cities that does not have ethics policies in place to punish elected officials who violate the public trust. Jennifer wants to enact tough ethics reforms that reduce the influence of special interests, force Councilmembers to disclose conflicts of interests and enforce harsh penalties on dishonest politicians who use their position for financial gain.

Setting the standard for leadership.

As a wife, mother and grandmother, a safe and prosperous Mesquite is a personal issue for Jennifer. That’s why she’s spent three decades volunteering countless hours to help our city and schools. Her leadership includes improving development standards while serving on the Planning & Zoning Commission, helping low income families with Mesquite Social Services, and revitalizing our historic downtown as a member of the Mesquite Downtown Advisory Board.


Early Voting: October 21 - November 1

Election Day: November 5